Millard Canyon Falls Trail

Under: Waterfall, Historic & Abandoned

Located in Altadena, the Millard Canyon trail is a 3 mile trail which follows the path of Millard Canyon. It crosses a millard creek a few times before visiting the waterfall. The trail visits a 40-foot waterfall called Millard Canyon Falls at 1 mile and at 3 miles the trail ends at the Dawn Mine.


Recreation Area: Angeles National Forest

Parking Fees: Adventure Pass Required

City: Altadena

Notable Locations: Millard Canyon Falls, Dawn Mine


The Big Horn Mine

Under: Historical & Abandoned

History: In the 1920's the Big Horn Mine was operated by 50 workers who excavated precious gold from the hillsides of the San Gabriel's. In the present day, the main building and entrances to the mine still stand on the cliffside as a remembrance of what was once the biggest gold mining operation in southern california.

Hike Stats: Distance: 4 miles Time: 2 hours Elevation Gain: 500ft

Hike Directions: Take the Big Horn Mine Trail 2 miles from parking at Vincent's Gap.

Parking: Vincent's Gap

Parking Fees: Adventure Pass Required

Parking Tip: The Angeles Crest Highway closes at Islip Saddle during the winter months. Access the Angeles Crest Highway from the Wrightwood side to avoid the road blocks when finding parking.


Fish Canyon Falls

Under: WaterfallsCurrently Closed due to the Fish Fire

Fish Canyon Falls is a 120 foot 3 tier waterfall located in Duarte, CA. The hike opened in 2014 when access to the canyon was provided in 2014 by Asuza Rock Quarry. The area is filled with rich cultural history in a stunning and vibrant canyon of the San Gabriel's. Unfortunately in 2016 the Fish Canyon Falls Trail was located in the Fish Fire Closure Area and had been closed since. No reports saying when it will reopen.

Recreation Area: Angeles National Forest

Parking, hike stats and hike directions will not be provided since it is closed until further notice.


The Dawn Mine

Under: Historical & Abandoned

In the hills of Altadena a few gold mines were started during the gold rush. The Dawn Mine in Millard Canyon was one of these and one of the longest operating gold mines, working until the early 1950's. There were supposed to be at least a few open entrances in Millard Canyon but the Forest Service closed all but two. An upper and a lower entrance. But in November 2017 the mine was sealed by new steel bars, not to be entered until further notice.

Hike Directions: Take Millard Canyon Trail all the way to the end of the canyon. After finding Millard Canyon Falls backup 200 feet and look to the right, there will be a white metal post next to a huge oak tree. Take this trail up to the left to continue past the top of Millard Canyon Falls. Avoid small side canyons like Saucer Canyon. Continue to the end of the Millard Canyon trail. The Dawn Mine Entrance is located behind a rock with a graffiti arrow.

Hike Stats: 6 miles, Time: 3 - 4 hours, Elevation Gain: 1200 ft.

Recreation Area: Angeles National Forest



Newton Canyon Falls

Under: Waterfalls

Newton Canyon Falls in the Santa Monica Mountains is a 20-foot seasonal waterfall. It is located along the Upper Zuma Trail, a portion of the Backbone Trail. Only flowing after good Los Angeles rains.

Hike Stats: 1 mile but worth extending and hiking more of the trail.

Trail Directions: Take the Zuma Canyon Trail 1 mile until seeing a turn off to see the falls. If the falls are flowing hard you should hear the falls from the trail.

Recreation Area: Santa Monica Mountains


West Fork Trail Camp

Under: Backpacking Camps

West Fork Trail Camp is a backpacking camp in the San Gabriel Mountains. An established campground with a bathroom and a running stream which flows around the camp during the spring. During the summer month's there is a spring located farther up the Gabrielino Trail.

Water: Yes

Camp Spaces: 7 or 8

Availability: First come first serve


Hiking to the camp: There are three way to hike to West Fork Trail, starting from Red Box Picnic Area, Eaton Saddle or lastly from the Silver Mocassin truck stop. 5 miles, 4.5 miles and 2.5 miles respectively. Most recommended hike is starting from Red Box Picnic Area.

Trail Directions: Hiking West Fork Trail Camp from Red Box: Trip report and directions here. Summary: Park at Red Box Picnic Area, adventure pass required. After parking locate the sign at the parking area that says "WEST FORK - 5 mi". Follow the sign and hike 5 miles on the Gabrielino Trail through shaded canyons of the San Gabriel Mountains and high desert views until reaching the camp under a canopy of oaks.

Valley Forge Trail Camp

Under: Backpacking Camps

Backpacking to Valley Forge Trail Camp is 3 miles from the parking area. A quiet and subtle camp in a shaded and open area next to the Gabrielino Trail in the Angeles National Forest. During the spring months enjoy a vibrant canyon hike and strong flowing stream.

Water: Yes, running stream but water may be low or non existent due to low rains

Camp spaces: 6

Availability: First come first serve


Hiking to the camp: Trip report here. Park at Red Box Picnic Area, Adventure pass required for parking. Follow signs from the parking area and hike 3.5 miles on the Gabrielino Trail to Valley Forge Trail camp.


Trail Canyon Falls

Under: Waterfalls

Trail Canyon Falls in the Angeles National Forest is a 30-foot waterfall located in Big Tujunga Canyon. The rough and ready Trail Canyon Trail will hike through a shaded canyon through the first portion, then hits the elevation viewing the rugged terrain of some classic San Gabriel slopes.

Hike Stats: 4 miles RT, Time: 2 - 3 hours Elevation Gain: 900 ft.

Trail Directions: After parking on the side of Big Tujunga Canyon Rd., hike Trail Canyon Road 0.5 miles up and follow the signs to Trail Canyon Trail. Follow Trail Canyon Trail for 1.5 miles until reaching the waterfall.

Recreation Area: Angeles National Forest