Often times things are left to ruins, discarded from history and left to decay. Once profitable gold mining ventures, Nazi camps and abandoned trails still left in the mountains. Not all locations in this category will be made public.

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Historic & Abandoned hikes:

Hiking to the Big Horn Mine - 4 miles

Hiking the Bridge To Nowhere - 10 miles

Hiking to the Murphy Ranch Ruins - 5 miles

Exploring The Horseshoe Mine - ? miles

Rubio Canyon Cabin - 1 mile

Hiking Echo Mountain - 6 miles

Hiking the Dawn Mine in Altadena - 6 miles

Waterfalls may be one of the more elusive outdoor gems to find in Los Angeles. Depending on how good of a rain season, these local places may be filled with cascading white waters or dry until the next rainstorm.

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LA Waterfall Hikes:

Fish Canyon Falls (closed) - 5 miles

Sturtevant Falls - 3.2 miles

Eaton Canyon Falls - 2 miles

Solstice Canyon Falls - 3 miles

Santa Ynez Canyon Waterfall - 2.8 miles

Millard Canyon Falls - 2 miles

Newton Canyon Falls - 2 miles

Escondido Falls - 4 miles

Rubio Canyon Falls - 2 miles

Trail Canyon Falls - 4 miles

Los Angeles backpacking camp options in the San Gabriel Mountains/Angeles National Forest.

Campground hikes:

West Fork Trail Camp - 5, 4 or 3.2 miles

Valley Forge Trail Camp - 3.5 miles

Gold Mesa Campground - 2 or 3 miles

Little Jimmy Trail Camp - 3 miles