Hiking to Bonita Falls

"Beautiful Falls" flows down 100 feet into a serene pool of water. Quite a well known place and popular on a Saturday, but that didn't stop us from adventuring to see how beautiful the falls were. The flow of Bonita Falls was quite strong this month, looking like a waterfall from Hawaii and quite scenic even despite the graffiti looming around the base of the falls.

Here are the stats:

Hike Stats:

Distance: 1.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Gain: 100 ft

Dogs Allowed?: Yes on leash


Screenshot 2018-02-14 16.57.31.jpg

Parking info:

Parking for this hike is along side the road. Drive Lytle Creek Rd., park here: Lytle Creek Rd. CA, 92358

Or type in "Hiking Trail Bonita Falls" in GPS application.

 Parking View

Parking View

Trail Photos:

It was a brisk 68 degrees outside. Exiting the car, coming down the dirt trail and first crossing Lytle Creek. Once across, finding our way through the trees a huge rock wash we knew would lead to the falls.


Clouds loomed overhead.


Continuing on the rock wash, heading towards the center of the mountains.


An ancient river once flowed through the center of this mountain, judging by the rocks and size of this ancient riverbed this must have been quite the river back in the day. 

Continuing hiking the rock wash leads to a trail to the left, and hikes along oak trees of the area. Graffiti scattered along the rocks by vandals visiting the area.

It should be noted that there is lots of graffiti on the trail. This is because this area is popular, close to the highway and visited often by the wrong crowd. Please do not impact the trail in any negative way.


1 mile into the journey.

 Bonita Falls

Bonita Falls

While we were just hanging around the falls, we heard a huge splash, it was this man's rope bag hitting the pool of water at the base of the falls. Truly stunning to watch as he came down the falls in sport like fashion. 


A good end to a hike, when done we finished shooting and headed back the same way.