Hiking to the Bridge To Nowhere

Hiking the Bridge To Nowhere, a perfect summer hike. Snacks,  water shoes and plenty of water are recommended. The east fork river is there to cool down during the summer. Parking address located below.

Hike Stats:

Total Miles: 10.5

Dogs?: Yes on Leash

Elevation Gain: 550ft

Difficulty: Medium

Shade: Very little (hike early morning for best result)

Time: 6-7 hours

What to expect for this hike:

  • This is not a normal hike. It's a day hike, which means it requires much of the day.
  • Dogs are allowed on leash, but if your dog is not used to hiking long distances on hot days consider leaving them home. This is probably not the hike for an inexperienced hiking dog.
  • There are many stream crossings, expect to get wet.
  • There are a lot of Yucca and other prickly plants on the trail, some people wear pants, but I prefer to hike light avoiding the plants.
  • There can be rattlesnakes so watch your footing.
  • It is possible to slip on wet rocks.
  • If the trail turns into a climb or peters out, retrace your steps and find an alternate trail to follow the river upstream to the Bridge.

History, How the bridge came to be:

Technically the Bridge to Nowhere did lead somewhere, but became part of a failed road project because of an LA natural disaster. Midway through the project most of the road was destroyed by a huge flood leaving the road project abandoned, leading the bridge "to nowhere". This 1938 flood spread havoc across the mountain communities and even reached the streets of Los Angeles.

  Streets of Los Angeles, 1938. Black and white photo of the 1938 flood that came from the San Gabriel mountains.

Streets of Los Angeles, 1938. Black and white photo of the 1938 flood that came from the San Gabriel mountains.

This natural disaster prompted LA officials to build most of the flood control dams in the San Gabriel's including the Brown Mountain Dam. Although most of the road project has been destroyed, still pieces of the road can be found on the hike.


Parking Address:


For parking:

GPS "Bridge To Nowhere trailhead". Adventure Pass is required for parking, there is a shop on the right which sells an adventure pass right before heading into the mountains. Or buy one ahead of time for $5 at Big 5 locations. Don't get a ticket!

Trail directions:

Hike 5 miles on the Bridge To Nowhere trail which follows the river upstream. Making at least 6 river crossings until getting to the bridge. The hike shouldn't require serious climbing or elevation gain.

At the 4 mile mark the trail leaves the bottom of the river and hikes on a high trail leading to the bridge. Enjoy the hike, bring plenty of water and follow us on Instagram @lahikes.