Hiking Sturtevant Falls in the Angeles National Forest


The name Sturtevant Falls is well known in the hiking community. A short hike, but beautiful in regards to the surrounding nature along the trail. A good hike and well known for a reason. The Canyon where the hike is in, sees seasonal flow and is a lush beautiful hike after a great rain season. This 2018 rain season was decent. Classic Los Angeles hiking.

Important Info: An Adventure Pass is required for parking, which can be purchased in the general store right next to the parking area, or because there's a possibility you might want to prepare and buy one, you can find a list of locations here. 

Popularity: On weekends this is a very popular spot and parking may be difficult to find.

Parking Signs:

 "Parked vehicles must display pass"

"Parked vehicles must display pass"

Parking Tips: On weekends, it's recommended to come as early as 7:00 am to make sure you get a parking spot in the lot. If not, one will have to get lucky or park off the road adding 0.5 miles to the hike. Make sure to hang your or sticker your adventure pass in all vehicles while parking for this hike.

Hike Stats:

Distance: 3.25 miles (Out-And-Back)

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Gain: 300 feet

Dogs Allowed?: Yes on Leash

Shade?: Mostly Shaded

Hike Directions:

After parking at Chantry Flats, locate the signs near the bottom of the lot to begin the hike.

Follow the first sign, points out the direction of the trail, which begins on a asphalt road and descends into the canyon. The roadbed will be long and make it's way down to the trail. 


Without making any turns on the road, it turns into a dirt path eventually.

Take this new dirt path 1.4 miles and follow the signs all the way to the falls. That's it for the directions. Enjoy the hike.

Trail photos:

It was a brisk 75 degrees and about 2pm on a Wednesday as the sun left the canyon, leaving the waterfall completely in shade by the end of the hike.


0.5 miles in, Rustic Cabins along the trail.

The architecture of the stone and colors were beautiful, some of these cabins being over 100 years old.


I planned to catch this hike late afternoon so that the falls would completely be in shade by the time I got there. In a canyon the lighting can be the best during early and late hours.


Fern Lodge Junction sign, indicates only 0.5 miles until the falls.

                   ~FERN LODGE JUNCTION~  : <--- 1/2 mile Sturtevant Falls, Chantry Flats 1 1/2 mile --->

                  ~FERN LODGE JUNCTION~

: <--- 1/2 mile Sturtevant Falls, Chantry Flats 1 1/2 mile --->

Hiking the last part of the canyon before the falls.


And after 0.5 miles from the last sign, sight of the falls appears. Flow reflecting 3 days of rain as of late January 2018.


And as expected, the falls were completely in shade, allowing for some good photography opportunities. The following photos are long exposure shots of the fall.

Take your time at the falls, if you packed a lunch this is a good place to spot. Enjoy the hike back or head up farther up the trail for a longer day hike into the canyon.