The Los Angeles Mountains

The Los Angeles Mountains are any mountain range that is located within the Los Angeles County lines. The San Gabriel, Santa Monica, Santa Susana and Verdugo ranges.

The San Gabriel Mountains

 Trail Canyon Trail - San Gabriel Mountains

Trail Canyon Trail - San Gabriel Mountains

The San Gabriel Mountain range is the most beautiful and largest mountain range in the Los Angeles county. The inner canyons of the San Gabriel are filled with life and lush vegetation while the high peaks of this mountain range submit to an arid and dry desert landscape of hardy brush and loose dirt. The San Gabes are home to the largest peak in the LA county, Mt. San Antonio and is the location to hiking areas such as the Angeles National Forest.

Highest Peak: Mt. Baldy at 10,064 ft.

Largest stream: San Gabriel River

The Santa Monica Mountains

 Mishe Mokwa Trail - Santa Monica Mountains

Mishe Mokwa Trail - Santa Monica Mountains

Santa Monica Mountains, the second largest mountain range in LA, starting from Griffith Park extending left on a map all the way to Point Mugu State Park. Views from hikes here generally overlook the Pacific Ocean. Because of its convenient location, hikes in the foothills of this range can be easily accessed from the San Fernando Valley or from the Pacific Coast Highway. The most popular hike in these mountains is Malibu Creek, The highest peak in this range is Sandstone Peak.

Highest Peak: Sandstone Peak at 3,111 ft.

Largest stream: Malibu Creek

The Santa Susana Mountains 


It's tough to say if the Santa Susana Mountains are included within Los Angeles city limits, but it's located right on the west edge of the county. Views in this range are scattered with boulders across the landscape and covered with thick brush that change color with the seasons. A lot of this range has been devoloped upon, for example the 118 freeway and other residential properties. The most notable hikes in these hills are Rocky Peak and Santa Susanna Pass, where the Manson Family lived.

Highest Peak: Oat Mountain at 3,747 ft.

The Verdugo Mountains

 Stough Canyon Trail - Verdugo Mountains

Stough Canyon Trail - Verdugo Mountains

The north end of the Verdugo Mountains are located along the city La Canada and the southern portion of the range occupies next to Glendale and Burbank. The smallest range in the county extending only 8 miles across the entire range! The mountain takes on the terrain of a high desert climate with loose dirt and hardy brush which covers most of the landscape. Popular hikes include La Tuna Canyon and Beaudry Loop.

Highest Peak: Verdugo Peak at 3,126 ft.